Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bye CHO =( Hi HND!

Well, our CHO is finally come to the end. My feel is mixed with complexion-happy and sad.

Thanks to you guys, because you all have given a memorable time, will never forget you all, unless I lost my memory accidentally, haha...hope it will not happen in my life. In these 3 semesters, I didn’t feel any sadness, regret, only filled with happiness and joyful! Yeah!

One thing that I want to tell Su Su is, I AM NOT SHY!! JUST QUIET! remember, I’m not a shy girl! I may be talk-active one day, but don’t know when I will be, just wait and see!

I really love that time when we were in Damai Laut! I could feel the team spirit among all of us. Do you guys still remember on the first night, we were singing in Iguana Bar? That time I really enjoyed so much with you all, and felt we were like family! The feeling was so warmth, and we were so closed...erm...LOVE this feeling~

But, when Kishen, Bih Tong, Nic & Dixon were left to other college, the class was so quiet...Sem 3 was the most boring semester!!! Even the ‘real life speaker’-Ju Ju, couldn’t voice her sounds out because she got nothing to shout at. And I, from quieter, to quietest!!Haha...But the most terrible thing is, our beloved Ms. Nurainie and Mr. Azfar are leaving!!! Sigh...have to accept this ‘merciless’ fact!

Have begun my HND course, I feel something different, like... I have lost something important to me. This is an unknown feel; I couldn’t describe what kind of feel I’m having now...Yes, the class is funny with the existence of Do Re Mi, but not as fun as the time we had in our CHO.

By the way, here to wish all of you GOOD LUCK, especially for Na Na, Kai Kai (sounds like Chicken...) & Ke Ke, enjoy your training there!!

Here to recall our memory...

1st Semester-to Cameron Highland
2nd Semester-Excursion in Damai Laut, Swiss Garden

3rd Semester-2 Days Housekeeping in Ritz Garden

By Patricia

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Names!!!!

From today, we all should have new names as our old ones all lapuk d!!! hehehehe.....

Fiona Lee - Fi Fi
Judee - Ju Ju
Suren - Su Su
Patricia - Pat Pat
Kailash - Kai Kai
Kevin - Ke Ke
Christina - Na Na
Miki - Mi Mi
Alfred - Al Al
Raden - Ra Ra
Miss Nuraine - Nu Nu
Mr Azfar - Az Az (sounds like ass) hehehe, jangan marah sir!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey guys... lets reunite here, write everything about your CHO experience here, lets not let all our experince fade away, so everyone and yes even KAILASH should write it in here!!!!!! more to come, take care,


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let's reunite!

This space is especially set up for CHO students (as well as for those who bade us farewells earlier of the year) who had just finished their third and final semester recently before facing the next giant of every semester...


I will miss you guys who will be going for training and leaving me behind to suffer the wrath of the next level (currently drowning in the midst of exam and assignments!).

Before I blabber further about more nonsensical stuffs, I shall let you reminisce about our happy moments in the past year through the couple of photos I have uploaded.

Not the full family picture since Suren and Kevin were missing for don't know what good reason...

Our first trip to the haunted castle.

How did our number diminish to this? The quirky and fun ones have fled. Sad isn't it?

Pour your thoughts here! If you have not yet been invited to be part of our author team, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I shall extend the invitation to you as soon as I possibly can.

Mates, don't be shy to share your memories, good or bad, right here. Mr. Kai, it's time to unleash your creative side in the art of writing!

Any ideas for the template? I am too lazy to hunt for one since I won't be the only one blogging here so I deliberately put a white one to be neutral. =)